Strength of Strong Tie in Inter-City Government Information Sharing and County Jurisdictional Boundary


Studies have found that information sharing between city governments can be easily observed within the same county jurisdiction, but less attention has been paid to the reasons why the jurisdictional boundary matters. This article fills this lacuna, drawing on the insight of the “strength of strong ties” argument that “people help their friends first.” The analysis reveals that city governments in the Orlando, Florida, metropolitan area are more likely to share economic development information (EDI) with governments in the same county as the collective demand for such information in that area increases. This study additionally finds that the greater the demand for EDI, the more likely it is that city governments will seek the information from their county members. As a result, as the demand for information increases among city governments in a metropolitan area, the likelihood that it will be shared by all members of the area beyond the county boundaries decreases.

Public Administration Review, 80(1) 23-35
Namhoon Ki
Namhoon Ki
Assistant Professor
Department of Political Science

My research interests include public management, state and local government, and intergovernmental relations. matter.